The Pampered Pooch

Our Shop and its Facilities


Dog Washroom The Big Bath

The complex consists of a bathroom, which has a hydro bath for deep cleansing of all types of coats.

The bath water and rinse water are preset at a warm temperature so as not to cause chills or scalding. Every pet is washed in clean water with no sharing of bath water so as no skin problems can be transfered from one pet to another. All pets are treated with conditioner and completely rinsed off in fresh water.


Also available:
Flea shampoo
Medicated Shampoo

Drying Room
Blow Drying Room

The drying room, which is adjacent to the bathroom allows for the drying of large and small dogs. Equipped with variable speed blow dryers delivering warm dry air to the pet's coat. This enables the containment of loose dead hair in the one area.


All pets are blow dried on a table so that they are not standing around wet. We do not believe in cage drying, as this may be stressful to a pet, being locked in a cage with hot air blowing at them. Table drying is quicker and kinder, and also allows the assistant to check the skin for any problems, which can be reported back to the owner.


Grooming Room

Dog Grooming Salon

Stylist rooms, which cater for both large and small dogs have clippers and all equipment easily accessible in arms reach.


All pets can be clipped to any desired length the owner requires.And we cater for all breeds of pets.
Chihuahua to Saint Bernard
Maltese to Standard Poodle


Pet Waiting Rooms

Pet Waiting Rooms Pet Pickup Area

Two pet waiting rooms.
One for when the animals first arrive.

One for pets waiting for pick up.


Reception Area
Welcome to the Pampered Pooch

We have a large reception waiting area for those owners who wish to wait.
Computerized record keeping of client's details and work performed.